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Gorilla Glue Girl Finally Had Ponytail Removed After Raising $13K In 24 Hrs, Now Heading To LA For Free Treatment To Remove Remaining Glue

Tessica Brown, now famously known as Gorilla Glue Girl, has had a pretty eventful 2021. After going viral a week ago with her horrifying hair confession, it seems some relief may finally be on the way. Brown posted a video to TikTok showing off her impenetrable due. “Stiff where?” she …

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Gorilla Glue Girl, Tessica Brown Hires Attorney Planning To Sue, Gorilla Glue, According to Sources

Black women have done everything to their hair from “fry, dye, and blow-dry” as the 90s Luster’s Pink commercial used to say.  For decades, Black women have been susceptible to a lack of availability for hair care products in mainstream stores, but thankfully that has been changing slowly and surely.  …

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