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Actress Halle Berry Shuts Down LisaRaye’s Tasteless ‘Bad S*x’ Claim, Tells Actress To Contact Her Man, Van Hunt If She Has Questions

It wasn’t long ago that LisaRaye McCoy had put her foot in her mouth again, this time targeting the beloved actress Halle Berry. Though her comments on Out Loud with Claudia Jordan’s “Cocktails with Queens” grew out of control, she tried to do damage control – but Halle had her own receipts. View this post […]

Actress LisaRaye Blast Halle Berry For Having ‘Bad S*x’ Says The Actress Can’t Keep A Man Because She’s Not Good In Bed

LisaRaye McCoy has used her co-host spot on the Out Loud with Claudia Jordan segment “Cocktails with Queens” to speak up on a number of pop culture relationships and happenings, as such is her job. It’s a more recent dig that fans have noticed that might have her in her hot water again – and […]

Singer Eric Benét Sparks Heated Debate Claiming Men Should Be On Birth Control Instead Of Women, Says Science Created Pill For Wrong Gender

Singer Eric Benét is raising eyebrows with a new tweet instead of new music. The almost 50-year-old singer with three children of his own is seemingly weighing in on the birth control debate on his Twitter, with his thoughts creating a divided response. During the last few months, the Grammy-nominated singer has been active on […]

Ex-NFL Player Larry Johnson Wants Megan Thee Stallion Held Accountable For Her Stupidity, Being Out Late At Night With Tory Lanez

Megan Thee Stallion has been getting a world of public support from friends, fans, and celebrities ever since she confirmed Tory Lanez was the one that sh-t her.  She spoke up about the incident in efforts to fully clarify the events of the incident on an Instagram Live after what she says were lies being […]

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