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Actress Niecy Nash Has Lost A lot Of Loyal Fans Since Coming Out & Marrying Wife, Jessica Betts, According To One Fan, Nancy Responds

Niecy Nash is in love and does not care what you or anyone thinks about it. She has proclaimed her love for her wife, Jessica Betts, which she has admitted to be “something new” for her as she’s been married to men twice before. The actress, who has had an …

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Actress Niecy Nash Wants To Interview Ex Husband’s Next Girlfriend To Make Sure He Makes Right Decisions, Says She Gotta Make Sure He’s Taken Care Of

Actress Niecy Nash may be on to a new chapter in her life with her wife, Jessica Betts, but that does not mean she does not care about some aspects of her past. The Claws actress and Jay Tucker, an electrical engineer, have ended their eight-year marriage and decided that …

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