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Kevin Samuels, ‘Dating Guru’ Who Says All ‘High-Value’ Men Cheat and Women Who Want Them Should Accept It, Rates Saweetie A 6

Social media is already swarmed with self-prescribed various “self-help gurus” and “consultants”, but there apparently never seems enough.  In a world already oversaturated with opinionated people already, every day another seems to be birthed.  If Derrick Jaxn did not suffice for some, perhaps the up-and-coming Kevin Samuels will do?  Kevin …

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“I’ve Been Better Than You This Entire F**ing Decade”: Joe Budden Warns Eminem He Doesn’t Want It With Him, Says It Wouldn’t Fare Well For The Rapper

There was a time when things were good with Joe Budden and his Slaughterhouse family, who were signed to Eminem’s Shady Records.  Although things didn’t quite all the way pan out between the collective, Joe has remained impartial to the music released by them, as he’s been much more of …

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