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Actor AJ ‘Smokey’ Johnson Claims He Was Banned From Set Of Next Friday, Says His Role As ‘Smokey’ Was Sold To Fredro Starr For Less Money

The legacy of the Friday franchise is undeniable, considering the amount of careers that it helped spawn. The 1995 classic continues to be as beloved and revered now as it was then, with many of its actors continuing to spill on behind the scenes stories, drama and the long looming …

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Late Actor John Witherspoon Claims Every Actor In Friday Was Only Paid $5K, Says Chris Tucker Didn’t Return Because Career Took Off

The fate of the Friday movie franchise has been a topic of discussion for years. Ever since the last installment “Friday After Next” hit theaters in 2002, fans have been wondering what would occur in another adventure for “Craig”, “Day-Day”, played by Ice Cube and Mike Epps, respectfully, and prayerfully …

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Chris Tucker Reveals He Was Only Paid $10K To Play ‘Smokey’ in Friday, Says He’ll Never Do Another Friday Movie In The Future

When fans of the Friday film franchise think of the movie, it’s hard not to think of or mention actor and comedian Chris Tucker.  His appearance as the “Smokey” in the film lives on as a pivotal character whose presence has been widely missed in the sequels.  There have been …

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