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Kanye West Accuses Issa Rae Of Holding Black People Back Following Saturday Night Live Performance, Says Actress Was Used By SNL

“Get the West Wing ready!” Kanye West is going to be your president if he can get his way.  The controversial rapper has been going all out ever since his announcement of running in the 2020 presidential race in July, amidst hefty criticism and division between supporters and non-supporters.  From his campaign rally held in […]

Rapper Jay-Z Accused Of Selling Kanye West Masters To Def Jam As Deal To Buy His Own Masters Back, Following Kanye West Releasing Full Contract On Twitter

Kanye West went on another one of his epic Twitter rants on social media where this time, the rapper shared some very personal legal information in detail.   The “Wash Us In The Blood” rapper signed on to Twitter to lash out (once again) at Universal Music Group, the parent company that houses his label […]

Actor Terry Crews Sparks Outrage After Suggesting Black People Aren’t Successful Until They’re Called ‘C-Word,’ Continuing Feud With Black Community

Terry Crews has somehow become an internet lightning rod for race-related internet outrage, and he’s back with another greatest hit. This time, he was tagged into a conversation with another influential person but in Terry Crews fashion, his statement has gotten people riled up again. Crews comments have gotten the attention of many, and he […]

Kanye West Caught Googling ‘Inappropriate’ Images Of Wife, Kim Kardashian, Rapper Accidentally Reveals Search History

These last few months have been pretty weird concerning Kanye West in the news cycle, and it seems as though that’s not the only weird thing as it pertains to Kanye.  A recent picture Ye posted on his twitter account is being magnified due to his search history (accidentally?) also being left in the frame […]

Reality Star Kim Kardashian-West “Gives Birth” To Younger Sister Kylie Jenner In Bizarre Leaked Video For Kanye West and Tyga’s 2017 ‘Feel Me’

Back in 2017, rappers Tyga and Kanye West collaborated on a track called “Feel Me”, a single off of his fifth studio album entitled “B***h I’m The Sh*t 2”.  The rappers shot an accompanying visual for the record, however it has remained unreleased… until recently. In a surprise drop on Wednesday, director and frequent Kanye […]

“We Need Another Black Man In The White House”: Nick Cannon Reveals He’s Voting For Kanye West In 2020, Actor Says He Loves It

Producer Kanye West. Rapper Kanye West. Fashion Designer Kanye West. Gospel Music Recording Artist Kanye West. Presidential Candidate Kanye West? ‘Ye’s latest foray into the political arena continues undeterred despite not launching his campaign until July 4, 2020. The late start makes Kanye’s quest to become the 46th President of the United States, even more […]

Kanye West Campaign Now Linked Directly To Trump, Rapper Working With Republican Aids To Pull Black Votes – Report

On today’s episode of, “What in the 2020?: The Kanye West Tales,” news has broken that Kanye West’s controversial (and rather trivial) 2020 presidential campaign has now received a boost from operatives in the Republican party, as well as an attorney that represents President Donald Trump. As if we need another celebrity in chief, on […]

‘She Wants It All’: Kim Kardashian Accused Of Wanting To Take Over Kanye West’s Music Catalog, Comedienne Luenell Believes She Trying To Secure The Bag and The Suitcase

Now that the Kanye West mental health crisis seems to have largely passed for now, it seems as if the couple aren’t the only ones doing an active post-mortem on the whole situation. With West including the world in his own crisis via his desire to tweet, many learned much more about his relationship with […]

Azealia Banks ‘Outs’ Kanye West, Accuses Rapper Of Fooling The World and Faking His Disorder To Protect His ‘Hip Hop Profile’

Azealia Banks is back to doing what she does best – trolling. To date, the rpaper has had online feuds with Nicki Minaj, Lana Del Rey, Cardi B, Iggy Azalea, T.I. and Tiny, and the list goes on. View this post on Instagram A post shared by SEA QUEEN 🧜🏾‍♀️ LA SIRENA (@azealiabanks) on May […]

Kanye West Goes To Hospital As Ambulance Arrives At Wyoming Ranch, Hours After Rapper Pleads For Kim Kardashian To Forgive Him

Kanye West is back at it again. This time he is offering an apology to his wife Kim Kardashian for all of the offensive things the rapper has said throughout the last week. If you’ve been keeping up, last week, Kanye West shocked everyone during his campaign rally when he revealed Kim was going to […]

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