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R&B Singer Keke Wyatt Reveals She Wants More Children

If you watched TV One’s R&B Divas, a unscripted program running for three seasons, you surely would be familiar with powerhouse vocalist Keke Wyatt. Wyatt took R&B radio by storm on a guest appearance on fellow crooner Avant’s cover of Rene & Angela’s early 80s jam, “My First Love” at the turn of …

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KeKe Wyatt Sick and Tired Of Black People Complaining About Being Mistreated

Keke Wyatt is stirring controversy with some statements that she’s made recently made concerning colorism within the Black community.  Fans of Wyatt have experienced her erraticism in the past and have made excuses for the singer.  “Perhaps being the mother of ten children makes her a bit crazy,” has been …

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