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Kevin Hart Slammed For Dressing Newborn In ‘Profanity-Laced’ Outfit, Fans Suggest Child Services Will Be Calling If He Doesn’t Take The Shirt Off

Kevin Hart’s latest Netflix special has just hit the airwaves and it seems fans are more upset at one of the comedian’s Instagram posts than they are excited about his latest release. With Hart beating back a bevy of negative press over the past year or so, one would think a post of his newborn […]

Kevin Hart Reveals All His ‘Side Chicks’ Left Him After Adult Tape Scandal, Says Wife & Kids Are All He Has Left In New Hilarious Comedy Special Trailer

Comedian Kevin Hart is releasing his next comedy special, a pandemic not stopping his drive for conquest. The comedian has a deal at Netflix and has delivered his next comedy special, with the trailer dropping some insight into the topics he’ll cover – which apparently include his adult tape debacle. View this post on Instagram […]

Mariah Carey Admits Ellen Degeneres Made Her ‘Extremely Uncomfortable’ Forcing Her To Reveal Pregnancy Before She Was Ready

The “hate train” just won’t slow down as daily, it seems, new reports of comedian and talk show host Ellen Degeneres’s antics, as well as allegations of a “toxic work culture” that surrounds her award-winning show, have surfaced in the news cycles.  Amidst the allegations and criticism, determined fans hastily dug up past interviews and […]

Comedian Kevin Hart Pulled Up At His Neighbor, The Game’s Home And Got Turned Away After Attempting To Make A Trade For His Lambo

Another day, another pair of celebrity friends breaking social distancing rules and putting it on social media. Rapper The Game and actor Kevin Hart apparently live close together in Calabasas and the comedian dropped by Game’s home to initiate a trade – his motorcycle for Game’s Lamborghini. Oh, these two! The Game’s had his own […]

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