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Rapper T.I. Urges Black Community To ‘Fall Back’ And Let Their Allies Handle It

We’re only 7 days into the new year, and what seems to be the general consensus on social media is that so far we are living in the “sequel to 2020”.  News headlines and the general public have been arrested with the scenes of what was allowed to transpire at …

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Rapper Jay-Z Confronts T.I. After ‘Disrespectfully’ Saying Late Tupac Is A Better Rapper Than Him, Rapper Argued He’s The Greatest Rapper Alive

T.I. is a rapper that isn’t shy of voicing his opinions on matters, whether solicited or unsolicited, and he’s also one who isn’t shy of controversy as well.  Being a musician himself, the rapper decided to join the throngs of many blogs, media outlets, and other rappers as well,  that …

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