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Reality Star Kylie Jenner Looks Unrecognizable In Throwback Photo, Forced Sister Kim Kardashian To Remove Photo Immediately

Kim Kardashian, or Kim Kardashian-West, as she has been known as since her marriage to the larger-than-life Kanye West, has been putting in some notable work in criminal justice reform with The Decarceration Collective and #cut50.  Her funding contributions have assisted in the freedom of 17 prisoners in a 90-day span earlier this year. We all know how she […]

Kanye West Caught Googling ‘Inappropriate’ Images Of Wife, Kim Kardashian, Rapper Accidentally Reveals Search History

These last few months have been pretty weird concerning Kanye West in the news cycle, and it seems as though that’s not the only weird thing as it pertains to Kanye.  A recent picture Ye posted on his twitter account is being magnified due to his search history (accidentally?) also being left in the frame […]

Reality Star Kim Kardashian-West “Gives Birth” To Younger Sister Kylie Jenner In Bizarre Leaked Video For Kanye West and Tyga’s 2017 ‘Feel Me’

Back in 2017, rappers Tyga and Kanye West collaborated on a track called “Feel Me”, a single off of his fifth studio album entitled “B***h I’m The Sh*t 2”.  The rappers shot an accompanying visual for the record, however it has remained unreleased… until recently. In a surprise drop on Wednesday, director and frequent Kanye […]

Monica Called Out For Divorcing Shannon Brown For Cheating, After Singer Revealed Visiting Ex Corey Miller Multiple Times During Argument With Brother Master P

Who would’ve thought that when Monica announced that she would be partnering with Kim Kardashian in efforts to free ex-boyfriend, rapper Corey Miller, that her personal life would be under the microscope?  Recent comments from Miller’s entrepreneur/CEO brother, Master P, haven’t done anything to quell the flames either, instead of intensifying speculations from social media. […]

Master P Criticizes Monica’s Loyalty, Reminds Singer She’s Been Married Twice Since Brother, Corey Miller Was Put Away

Corey Miller, brother to mogul Master P, has been seeing a resurgence in the attempts to have him freed lately.  What should be a joyous turn of events have kind of begun to sour, as Master P and Monica have entered into a bit of a disagreement recently. As reported before, Kim Kardashian has stepped […]

Master P Questions Kim Kardashian and Monica’s Reason For Attempting To Free Brother, Corey Miller, Hopes Everyone Involved Is Doing It For The Right Reason

With the news breaking that Kim Kardashian is going to use her outsized celebrity to try and help get rapper Corey Miller released, his brother and label head Master P has spoken up about her efforts. With the case seemingly stalled using his own millions, Master P seems cautious but hopeful that Kim can get […]

‘She Wants It All’: Kim Kardashian Accused Of Wanting To Take Over Kanye West’s Music Catalog, Comedienne Luenell Believes She Trying To Secure The Bag and The Suitcase

Now that the Kanye West mental health crisis seems to have largely passed for now, it seems as if the couple aren’t the only ones doing an active post-mortem on the whole situation. With West including the world in his own crisis via his desire to tweet, many learned much more about his relationship with […]

Kanye West Goes To Hospital As Ambulance Arrives At Wyoming Ranch, Hours After Rapper Pleads For Kim Kardashian To Forgive Him

Kanye West is back at it again. This time he is offering an apology to his wife Kim Kardashian for all of the offensive things the rapper has said throughout the last week. If you’ve been keeping up, last week, Kanye West shocked everyone during his campaign rally when he revealed Kim was going to […]

Kanye West Proven Wrong About Kim Kardashian and Meek Mill Inappropriate ‘Hotel’ Meeting After Images Surface, Proving The Two Were Met With Philanthropist, Clara Wu Tsai

According to People, a source has revealed that the toll of Kanye’s illness is finally starting to weigh on Kardashian. “She’s trying very hard to be graceful right now, but she’s finding it hard to do,” the source says. “She feels disrespected and that this is a slap in the face to her and her […]

Kim Kardashian Reveals She’s Powerless In Helping Kanye West, Following Meek Mill Affair Rumors, Asks Fans For ‘Grace’ For Kanye

Following his latest outburst on Twitter, Kim Kardashian has finally released a statement with regards to what’s been happening with her husband, Kanye West. After leveling some very damaging accusations to his wife, Kim’s finally been forced to weigh in on give people an update. Folks had been wondering if Kanye had help and assistance […]

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