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MTV Quietly Removed Michael Jackson’s Name From Vanguard Award at VMAs Without Many Noticing

Fallout from the documentary aimed at exposing the late legend Michael Jackson, HBO’s  Leaving Neverland, continues to happen.  Although many accounts and claims from the film had been debunked, that didn’t stop many from wanting to disassociate themselves from the entertainer. During Jackson’s illustrious and long career, the “You Rock …

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Pop Singer Lady Gaga Reveals She Gave Beyoncé A ‘Panic Attack’ By Smoking ‘Nine Joints’ in Front of Her, Says She’s Made Her Uncomfortable

The “Fame Monster” is truly a real and scary spirit that many are either chasing or actually possess.  Once on the path to summoning and achieving said monster, you realize how hard it is to shake, as it starts to consume you further and further before it’s too late.  Not …

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