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Comedian Lil Duval Dragged After Claiming Most Women Don’t Make Money, Says If Men Only Dated In Their Financial Range They Wouldn’t Have Much To Choose From

The standards for dating vary depending on who you ask. For many its purely financial however, and conversations are always happening about just how much money men and women should have while trying to date. In the growing age of independence, women are realizing that while they like to have …

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Radio Host, Charlamagne Tha God Says Black Men Who Date White Women Are More Faithful To White Women During Winter Time Because They’re Covered Up

If you haven’t heard one of the latest declarations to spread widely across the Internet and even radio airwaves (which a large number of people find to be false), “Black Men Don’t Cheat.” Sure, there is an extensive list of Black men that have had issues with infidelity (and/or continue …

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T.I. Under Fire After Claiming “Whoever Is Paying 100% Of The Bills In Relationship Has 100% Of The Say” Unless Married

T.I. is one extremely opinionated rapper who is known to speak his mind on whatever the topic of discussion is.  For the last year, the Atlanta rapper has stepped into the swiftly expanding podcasting realm where his unfiltered comments have been given much more of a voice on his own …

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