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Lenny Kravitz Reveals Being Broke and In Love With Tisha Campbell Martin, Says They Had Ration Food To Survive While Living With Her Family Before The Fame

Lenny Kravitz has been one of the most admired men since early on in his career, with many suitors pining after the rock star.  Most famously Kravitz dated and ultimately married actress Lisa Bonet, with their romantic relationship standing from 1985 until an amicable divorce in 1993.  The pair have …

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Zoe Kravitz Reveals She Was Brainwashed Into Identifying With White Culture, Says She Didn’t Identify With Black Culture Until She ‘Unbrainwashed’ Herself

Zoe Kravitz has become an instantly recognizable face as an actress over the years, following in her famous parent’s footsteps of being in the spotlight and commanding it. Given that even her birth caused controversy for her mother, it’s no wonder she’s unafraid to speak up about anything – including …

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“Were Starving”: Jason Momoa Reveals He and His Family Going Completely Broke After ‘Game Of Thrones’ Role Ended, Says He Couldn’t Get Work

One of the biggest action film stars in both this universe and the DC Universe is actor and star of Aquaman, Jason Momoa.  Prior to Momoa’s breakthrough role, the 41-year old star had played in television shows such as Baywatch: Hawaii, Stargate Atlantis, and as a guest star in four …

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