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Actress Kim Coles Says ‘Living Single’ Reboot May Not Happen, Reveals All Cast Members Have Signed On But One Person

We’re living in an age where reunions, reboots, and revivals are becoming wildly popular, and shows of yesteryear are coming back on streaming platforms offering fans all the nostalgia they haven’t had much access to.  Shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Girlfriends, Family Matters, and Moesha have all seen …

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Kim Coles Reveal Keenen Ivory Wayans Fired Her From ‘In Living Color’ To Make Sister, Kim Wayans A Star, Says She Used To Cry In Dressing Room

In Living Color, created by Keenen Ivory Wayans, was a groundbreaking sketch comedy show that was prominent in many African-American households.  During a time when there wasn’t much racial diversity on television, the sketch comedy show broke barriers employing a predominantly Black cast, rivaling Saturday Night Live’s mostly all-white cast. …

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Actor T.C. Carson Reveals He Was Blackballed and Fired from ‘Living Single’ After Becoming Too Vocal and Calling Out Warner Bros For Neglecting Show For ‘Friends’

In the 90s, Living Single became one of the most iconic television shows in television history. The half-hour sitcom aired immediately after “Martin” on Fox’s primetime evening slate, a massive success in its own right. With unforgettable characters like “Khadija,” “Maxine,” “Regine,” “Synclaire (“woo-woo-woo!”), and a laundry list of celebrity …

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