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R&B Singer Toni Braxton Challenge Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige To Verzuz Challenge, Gets Disrespectfully Shut Down By Fans

The pandemic brought artists together in the form of Verzuz to not only celebrate their careers and catalog of hits but also for our viewing pleasure and entertainment.  Although not a competition, the artists are pit together and fans naturally side with their favorite, or whoever played their best hits.  The battle started off initially […]

Michael Jackson’s Cousin, Martha Steward Auctioning Used ‘IV Drip’ She Stole From Singers Deathbed After He Passed Away

Nothing seems unpredictable in 2020 anymore.  On the latest episode to happen before October has arrived, a woman is claiming to have some odd memorabilia from Michael Jackson’s estate and she’s ready to auction it off.  View this post on Instagram A post shared by Michael Jackson (@michaeljackson) on Sep 22, 2020 at 9:30am PDT […]

‘I Don’t Know Her’: Mariah Carey Claims She Still Doesn’t Know Who Jennifer Lopez Is, Denies Her Existence and Name In Memoir Years Laters

Mariah Carey’s been spilling all the tea as she prepares for her memoirs to be released on September 29th. The “elusive chanteuse” has been singing like a bird for rollout and even sat down with Oprah recently to discuss some of the heavier topics in her book. Of course, there’s gossip here too and one […]

‘My Sister Tried To Sell Me To A Pimp’: Mariah Carey Sadly Reveals Being ‘Roofied’ By Heartless Sister At 12, Says She Cried While Writing Memoir

We will get the full details of Mariah’s life when her upcoming memoirs are released on September 29th but new details are starting to leak in reviews about the singer’s life. Many are familiar with Mariah’s back story, as seen in her semi-biographical movie Glitter, but she’s finally divulging more about her family and upbringing […]

Mariah Carey Admits Ellen Degeneres Made Her ‘Extremely Uncomfortable’ Forcing Her To Reveal Pregnancy Before She Was Ready

The “hate train” just won’t slow down as daily, it seems, new reports of comedian and talk show host Ellen Degeneres’s antics, as well as allegations of a “toxic work culture” that surrounds her award-winning show, have surfaced in the news cycles.  Amidst the allegations and criticism, determined fans hastily dug up past interviews and […]

Mariah Carey Reveals Affair With Derek Jeter While Married, Says Her Songs ‘My All’ and ‘The Roof’ Was About The MLB Player

There’s been a lot of reminiscing going on by Mariah Carey, even though the “elusive chanteuse” is still very coy about celebrating her “real age.” As she prepares to release her memoirs this month, celebrating over 30 years in the music business, a bevy of names are being dragged back into the light – including […]

Video Clip Of TV Host Ellen DeGeneres ‘Forcing’ Mariah Carey To Sip Champagne To Prove She Wasn’t Pregnant Resurfaces, Twitter Reacts

Just a few months ago, it would seem as though everybody loved comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.  Now she has become one of 2020’s super villains, as every day it seems a new story comes to light that only exacerbate’s the “toxic workplace” narrative of her hit daytime talk show. Degeneres’s talk show […]

Eminem Revealed He Was Embarrassed After Ruining ‘Encounter’ With Mariah Carey Because He Was ‘Too Excited’ In Resurfaced Song From 2009, Following Da Brat’s Claim

While Mariah Carey’s “Lambs” are known to defend her online, rapper Eminem is the one who coined the powerful slang “stan,” and now his are stepping up to defend him. Though their long-standing feud had started to fade, people believed Eminem would get an honorable mention. Turns out that even if he does, it may […]

DaBrat Clowns Eminem, Says ‘Encounter’ With Mariah Carey Never Happened Because He Became ‘Too Excited’ To Be With Her

When it was reported that Mariah Carey was releasing a tell-all memoir, heads immediately started to salivate. Mariah Carey has been a fixture in the music business for over 30 years now and has been celebrating the 30th anniversary of her self-titled album along with announcing her memoirs. It turns out one of her flings […]

Eminem Is ‘Stressed Out’ About Mariah Carey’s Upcoming Memoir, Afraid She Will Say He Was Bad In Bed, According to Sources

Mariah Carey is having the best times, despite the quarantine keeping the world locked up in the house. She recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of her debut album, celebrating a long career in the music business. The legendary singer is also preparing to release her memoirs and it seems that some of the folks in […]

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