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Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife, Jean Muggli Held ‘Revenge Garage Sale’ While He Was Away and Sold All His Stuff, Even Personal Football Items

Just how toxic is toxic? Jean Muggli has now been involved in two public relationships that have both gone sour at this point. She was married to former pro NFL player and television personality, Michael Strahan, but that relationship ended in a textbook acrimonious divorce. Her relationship with Marianne Ayer …

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Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife, Jean Muggli Strahan Jailed After Harassing Ex-Girlfriend Despite Order Of Protection Against Her

Michael Strahan’s ex-wife, Jean Muggli Strahan, has got a lot of trouble on her hands and is now facing time behind bars. Jean Muggli and Strahan’s marriage ended in a rough divorce, and she moved on to another relationship, which also proved to be as turbulent. According to TMZ, she’s …

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