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K. Michelle Reveals Being Trapped In R. Kelly’s House, Says If She Tells What Happened Everybody Going To Jail

K. Michelle has never been shy about speaking her mind.  Whether it be through a song or in an interview, or in a rant on social media, she rarely tends to hold back.  The singer was once mentored by R. Kelly for a period of time, and she’s got something to say about her former […]

“Little Boy Please”: Actor Nick Cannon Reveals He Tried To Shoot His Shot At Beyonce, Says Singer Didn’t Even Acknowledge Him

Nick Cannon has been around for quite a while, much longer than some people realize. The star was a breakout in his earlier years, eventually seeming to self-propel himself into the hearts and boardrooms of the entertainment industry, turning his charm into a multi-million-dollar franchise, Wild ‘N Out. Even he’s been turned down by the […]

Mariah Carey Admits Ellen Degeneres Made Her ‘Extremely Uncomfortable’ Forcing Her To Reveal Pregnancy Before She Was Ready

The “hate train” just won’t slow down as daily, it seems, new reports of comedian and talk show host Ellen Degeneres’s antics, as well as allegations of a “toxic work culture” that surrounds her award-winning show, have surfaced in the news cycles.  Amidst the allegations and criticism, determined fans hastily dug up past interviews and […]

Video Clip Of TV Host Ellen DeGeneres ‘Forcing’ Mariah Carey To Sip Champagne To Prove She Wasn’t Pregnant Resurfaces, Twitter Reacts

Just a few months ago, it would seem as though everybody loved comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.  Now she has become one of 2020’s super villains, as every day it seems a new story comes to light that only exacerbate’s the “toxic workplace” narrative of her hit daytime talk show. Degeneres’s talk show […]

“We Need Another Black Man In The White House”: Nick Cannon Reveals He’s Voting For Kanye West In 2020, Actor Says He Loves It

Producer Kanye West. Rapper Kanye West. Fashion Designer Kanye West. Gospel Music Recording Artist Kanye West. Presidential Candidate Kanye West? ‘Ye’s latest foray into the political arena continues undeterred despite not launching his campaign until July 4, 2020. The late start makes Kanye’s quest to become the 46th President of the United States, even more […]

‘Now She Gotta Get A 9-5’: B. Simone Told She’ll Have To Get A Regular Job After ‘Wild N Out’ Is Canceled, Following Nick Canon’s Removal From Viacom

Wild ‘N Out cast member B. Simone can’t catch a break. After catching some heavy flack for comments she made with her boss Nick Cannon, B. Simone is getting dragged into the host’s controversy, unfortunately. The comedian/singer/influencer has been on the successful improv comedy show for a number of seasons and her hot take on […]

B. Simone Reveals She’ll Never Date A Man With An Honest 9 to 5, Believes Men Who Clock In and Out Won’t Understand Her Lifestyle

Wild ‘N Out cast member B. Simone is catching some medium flack for some comments she made on the air with her boss Nick Cannon recently. The comedian/singer/influencer has been on the successful improv comedy show for a number of seasons and has even made comedy from her dating life while on the show. It’s […]

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