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‘Ghost Is Not Dead’: According to Actress Niecy Nash, Omari Hardwick’s Character ‘Ghost’ On Power Is Still Alive and Making A Comeback

With the end of one show comes the beginning of another, and that’s definitely happening in the world of Power. Now that Omari Hardwick’s character “Ghost” has been laid to rest by his own son (spoiler alert?), the show has splintered off into many pieces. What has star Hardwick been up to? Well, Niecy Nash […]

Actress Niecy Nash Denies ‘Coming Out Of The Closet’ After Marrying Woman, Claims Her Choice Is A Result Of Who She Is Right Now

In a move that shocked her fans, Niecy Nash revealed to the world that she had gotten married to a woman named Jessica Betts, in a very private and exclusive ceremony. While many of her fans were both surprised and elated for her, Nash is claiming that she hasn’t “come out” of anything, much less […]

Actress Niecy Nash Is An ‘“Emotional Wreck” After Taser Is Pulled Out On Son During Minor Traffic Stop, Followed By Office-r Asking How He Paid For His Car

Actress and comedian Niecy Nash has had a long career that is still growing, having just wrapped up her own starring turn in the TNT show Claws and finally tackling more dramatic roles like in When They See Us. Even after having starred in such shows tackling issues like that, Nash still is unable to […]

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