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OJ Simpson Frightened Ex Wife’s K*ller Is Still On The Loose In Los Angeles, Paranoid Individual Will End Up ‘Sitting Next To Him’ Somewhere

When the majority of the general public thinks of or hears the name O.J. Simpson, not many would attach his name to a memory that he’d like them to. For the most part, the immediate thought is of the chilling homicides of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, …

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‘Wait For The Facts’: OJ Simpson Condemns Lebron James For Attacking Officer Who Took #MaKhiaBryant’s Life, Tells NBA Player To Choose His Battles

LeBron James took to twitter to voice his frustrations following the shooting of a young woman in Ohio. He received a response from an unlikely person, OJ Simpson. Simpson “reprimanded” James for his response feeling the NBA vet spoke to soon. LeBron is as synonymous with his activism and Simpson …

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OJ Simpson Still Owes Ron Goldman’s Family $70 Million, 24 Years Later

June 12, 1994, is a date that OJ Simpson will never forget and that would begin to arrest the media nationwide. OJ Simpson may be walking around as a free man in 2021, but his name and reputation will always carry the heavy burden of his alleged past transgressions.  Simpson …

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