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Mo’nique Tells Black Women ‘Y’all Are My Damn Business’ After Being ‘Canceled’ For Telling Woman To Stop Wearing Bonnets & Pajamas In Public

Call it a bonnet if you’d like. Maybe you prefer to utilize a head-tie or scarf. This year, we were introduced to the term “helmet of salvation”. Call it whatever you’d like, as long as you apparently are not seen in public with the protective hair covering on your person. …

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R&B Singer Toni Braxton Challenge Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige To Verzuz Challenge, Gets Disrespectfully Shut Down By Fans

The pandemic brought artists together in the form of Verzuz to not only celebrate their careers and catalog of hits but also for our viewing pleasure and entertainment.  Although not a competition, the artists are pit together and fans naturally side with their favorite, or whoever played their best hits.  …

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