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Eddie Murphy Reveals He Quit Acting After Winning Worst Male Actor & Worst Female Actress Of Decade Award, Forced Him To Take Six Years Off

Eddie Murphy is one of the most prolific actors and comedians that Hollywood has seen. His accomplishments include multiple award nominations and wins from some of his most iconic roles. There was a time when Eddie Murphy ruled the big screen, with films like the Shrek franchise and the acclaimed …

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Dave Chappelle Says R. Kelly Sent His Goons To Take Care Of Him For ‘R. Kelly’ Skit On Chappelle Show

For as long as can be remembered, Dave Chappelle has taken situations and provided somewhat of a comedic spin to them.  The art was definitely not lost in his popular Comedy Central show Chappelle’s Show.  Notable sketches such as “A Moment in The Life of Lil Jon” and the popular …

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