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“My Family Disowned Me”: Chrisette Michele Reveals She Lost Her Family After Performing For Trump, And He Wouldn’t Even Shake Her Hand

Chrisette Michele went from catching the eyes, ears, and hearts of many lovers of R&B/Soul when her voice first captivated listeners on Jay-Z’s “Lost One”.  Her debut album I Am continued to rise her star as she received a Grammy for her song “Be OK” featuring Will.i.Am.  She went on …

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A.J. Johnson Claims She’s Responsible For Jennifer Lopez and Rosie Perez Becoming Household Names After Giving Them ‘In Living Color’ Opportunity

“It’s all who you know…” or so the adage goes. The list of careers in entertainment- music, television, film, radio, sports and more – that have been gifted out of the beneficence of friends and family is more extensive than all three Lord of the Rings movies. Veteran actress, model, and humanitarian …

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Film Director Spike Lee Drags Bill Cosby While Behind Bars For Stealing From Him, Says Cosby Jacked ‘A Different World’ Idea From School Daze

Both Spike Lee and Bill Cosby are iconic Black creators, responsible for a bevy of characters that we’ve come to love throughout their careers. Spike Lee, one of the most social artists of his generation, has always moved the conversation forward with his art – and of course, his very …

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