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Stevie Wonder Fuels Conspiracy ‘He’s Not Blind’ After Being Caught Behind The Wheel Of A Tesla Driving Using ‘Autopilot’ Feature

Singer Stevie Wonder is an icon for a lot of reason. The multi-instrumentalist, multi-octave multi award winner is truly an anomaly in every sense of the world. One a child protege, Wonder has gone on to pave the road from many of superstars who have followed in his footsteps and …

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Barack Obama Blasts Rappers Who Voted For Donald Trump As Materialistic, Says They Use The Same Measure Of Success As Him In Their Music Videos

Former President Barack Obama is definitely one of the most popular and influential figures of this generation.  It’s been four years since the Obama administration has left office, and his presence has been missed in the White House, but he’s continued to push forward in efforts to invoke change.  The …

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