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Rapper Drake Angrily Unfollows T.I. After Rapper Reveals Drake Was ‘Peed’ On In Movie Theater By Another Man In New Song

Drake might be a little “p*ssed off” at T.I. for confirming some tea that was spilled a few years ago by Meek Mill. On Friday, October 16, Tip released his eleventh studio album The L.I.B.R.A., a reference to his zodiac sign and also an acronym for “The Legend Is Back Running Atlanta”, featuring notable guest […]

T.I. Blasted After Agreeing With White Reporter Who Compared Black Co-Anchor To An Ape In The Zoo, Rapper Says He Kinda Favored It, In Resurfaced Post

Racial tensions have always been high and heavy in America, but with the rise of social media, more has become exposed, and in real-time.  Privilege and the lack of proper education in a great number of white people, as it pertains to the history and sensitivity of America’s treatment to Black and Brown people, play […]

Rapper T.I. Claims Women Are Attracted To ‘Misogyny’ and Only Want Men Who Have A Bunch Of Women, Says ‘Women Don’t Want Men That Don’t Have B—s”

T.I. has given himself a platform with his podcast ExpediTIously with T.I., and it’s at times become a hot bed of talk. T.I. latest comments, along with his co-hosts and others, are once again ringing a bell on the Internet. Their chats about what women have gotten them in trouble previously, especially rapper T.I. View […]

Nick Cannon Reveals Gucci Mane Offered To ‘Handle’ His Eminem Problem, Says Rapper Reached Out And Told Him He Could ‘Handle It’ For Him

Nick Cannon and Eminem have been embroiled in a longstanding beef that stemmed from another beef between his ex-wife and the Detroit rapper.  Like Ja Rule and 50 Cent, there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the world that can heal the wounds caused by their rift, even though the marriage between the two […]

“Don’t Disrespect My Wife”: Rapper T.I. Blast ‘Black Women’ Mocking Wife’s Body, Calling Her ‘Ms. Piggy’ Says They Got Him Messed Up, Tiny Claps Back

Clifford Harris, widely known as the rapper T.I., can take questions, comments, concerns, and criticism when it comes to him.  When it comes to his family, they have nothing to worry about as he is never shy of defending any and everyone that falls into the category, especially his wife and children.   View this […]

Rob Kardashian Blast Rapper T.I. For Paying Blac Chyna To Have Relations With Him and Wife Tiny Harris, Rapper Claps Back In Resurfaced Post

Two’s company.  Three’s company too? The practice of open marriages, polygamy/polyamory, or even “throuples” have been starting to normalize for some time, while not the most common.  Could it be that rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris are practicing this with their marriage? The Harris marriage has been riddled with rumors of infidelity […]

T.I. Accuses Iggy Azalea Of ‘Switching Up’ After Realizing White People Liked Her and She Didn’t Need Black People Anymore

Rapper T.I. is more than just a musician and he’s been flexing his muscles over the years he’s been in the business. In addition to his legendary status as one of the South’s originators of Trap music, he’s also an actor, producer and even a label owner. That’s how he came into contact with Iggy […]

Nick Cannon Believes Men Aren’t Meant To Be With One Woman, Says Monogamy Is Unnatural For Men: “We’re Here To Be Fruitful and Multiply”

Nick Cannon is many things: he’s a comedian, rapper, television and radio show host, and a father.  One thing he is not?  The multitalented Cannon is self admittedly not “faithful”. View this post on Instagram A post shared by NICK CANNON (@nickcannon) on Oct 17, 2020 at 11:30pm PDT In 2008, Nick Cannon and Mariah […]

‘They Will K*ll You For What You Just Said”: 50 Cent Tells T.I. To Keep His Mouth Closed After Speaking On King Von’s Passing

50 Cent and T.I. seem to always be involved in some war of words over social media these days and the trend continues with the NY residing rapper taking shots at the ATL resident over a local issue that seems to be spiraling, thanks to social media. View this post on Instagram A post shared […]

Rapper T.I. Confirms Friend ‘Peed’ On Rapper Drake In Movie Theater, Years After Meek Mill Referenced Encounter On Drake Diss Track ‘Wanna Know’

The best way to speak on rumors these days is tried, tested and true – on “wax,” and with T.I. being one of the elder statesmen of Trap music, it’s fitting he’s done just that. One of the more off the wall rumors that has circulated about Drake and has been featured in a few […]

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