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T-Pain Reveals Struggling To Feed Family After Blowing $40M, Says He Borrowed Money To Buy Kids Burger King After Buying Expensive Cars and Failed Investments

Imagine being one of the top artists and songwriters in the game at one point, amassing millions of dollars from hit album and single sales, merchandise, endorsements, and all that comes with being at the peak of the music industry’s mountaintop, only to frivolously blow it.  How often do we hear the tale of artists […]

Akon Claims T-Pain’s Career Never Took Off Because He Never Left ‘The Hood’ Says ‘Urban’ Audiences Aren’t Loyal

Akon is one of music’s more successful artists turned executives, having had a hand in discovering artists like Lady Gaga, T-Pain and others. Over the years, he’s turned his own pop hits into hard cold cash and taken a backseat to his earlier music success. He’s still tuned into the biz though and he had […]

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