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‘Where Did I Go Wrong As A Parent?’: Tami Roman’s Bisexual Daughter Claims Her Sexuality Had Mother Questioning Her Parenting Skills

Fans of the show Basketball Wives are privy to the strong relationship that Tami Roman has with her daughter, Jazz Anderson. Among the many ventures that Roman places her hands in, she takes her role as a family woman and mother very seriously. Living life in the public eye can …

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This is Not What I imagined: “Tami Roman Brought To Tears After Learning Youngest Daughter Is Bi-Sexual Dating Both Men & Women

Tami Roman is a working woman. The reality star has wasted no time diversify her portfolio over her years in the spotlight, stepping into acting, hosting, producing and more. Roman (born Tamisha Akbar) first gained fame on The Real World: Los Angeles in 1993, and has since been more associated with her …

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Tami Roman Cries On Video After Discovering Her Texas Home Is Destroyed

Texas is currently in the wake of a violent snow storm that is destroying houses and leaving thousands in the cold this week. Over 500,000 Texans are without power, with more freezing temperatures forecasted in the coming days. Water is running out and people are having issues accessing food amongst …

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