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Legendary Singer, Dionne Warwick Still ‘Alive’ Despite Reports Of Singer Passing Away Yesterday For Second Time, Singer Says She’s ‘Alive and Kicking’

There’s been a new queen in town on social media and her reign is legendary.  Who would have guessed that Dionne Warwick, of all people, would A) have an active Twitter account and B) learn how to use it so great to the point that all on social media look …

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LisaRaye Claims Black Women Can’t Go Through Men Like Taylor Swift Without Being Canceled, Says An ‘Adult Film’ Would Ruin Their Career

LisaRaye is not here for the double standards that Black women have to face and is speaking up against it.  The actress has undoubtedly seen and been through much within her career and has been taking the latter part of her career to highlight things that Black women go through …

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