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Rapper The Game Stepfather Claims Rapper Used To Be An ‘Adult Male Dancer’ Says Someone Took Photos Of Rapper Dancing At His Club, The Game Calls The Claims A Lie

West Coast rapper The Game stepped into the music industry with his 2004 breakout hit “How We Do” featuring G-Unit general 50 Cent, to whom he was signed to at the time.  What started off as a promising, fulfilling career turned into one of turmoil and trading shots with his former boss after shortly being […]

“There Are No Words To Explain This Pain”: Bobby Brown An Emotional Wreck After Losing Second Child, Says It Has Devastated His Family

Brown’s once again in mourning as he has lost a son that had appeared with him and Whitney Houston on their reality show at one point. With the death of Bobby Kristina back in 2015, Brown’s suffering another loss of another child that never made it to 30. View this post on Instagram A post […]

Future Dragged For Stealing Attention From Heartfelt Nipsey Hussle Tribute To Shamelessly Promote Himself, Fans Drag The Rapper On Twitter

The life of late rapper Nipsey Hussle was taken at the early age of 33, and the lives of those close to him have been drastically altered.  Not just family and close friends, but fans of his music and supporters of him and his movement have also been affected since the fateful March 31st, 2019 […]

Rapper The Game Reveals Massive Bank Account Balance, While Making $500K Donation To Flint Water Crisis, In Instagram Post

The Game may get into his share of troubles both on and off of social media, but that doesn’t stop him from doing his share of good.  The West Coast rapper made a sizable donation towards making sure clean water is readily available for residents in Flint, Michigan, that are suffering from the unfortunate water […]

Rapper 50 Cent Reveals He Doesn’t Want Anything To Do With G-Unit, Wishes He Would Forget About It, And Brought Them On Stage

50 Cent, in addition to being one of the best trolls on the Internet, is also an accomplished television producer, with his show Power wrapping after years of success. Being successful in television is no small feat but fans are beginning to wonder if there will ever be a G-Unit reunion. It seems as if […]

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Disrespects Late Nipsey Hussle’s Mural Painting Site In Los Angeles To Troll Rappers While ‘Paying Respect’

Controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine just doesn’t know when to leave enough alone as he continues to push the limits of his freedom to the utmost. The rapper has taken his antics to the west coast as he’s left New York and landed in Los Angeles recently. Amid him strolling the streets and seeing the sights, […]

Comedian Kevin Hart Pulled Up At His Neighbor, The Game’s Home And Got Turned Away After Attempting To Make A Trade For His Lambo

Another day, another pair of celebrity friends breaking social distancing rules and putting it on social media. Rapper The Game and actor Kevin Hart apparently live close together in Calabasas and the comedian dropped by Game’s home to initiate a trade – his motorcycle for Game’s Lamborghini. Oh, these two! The Game’s had his own […]

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