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Chris Rock Reveals His Mom Used To Get Her Teeth Taken Out At The Vet, Because Blacks Weren’t Allowed To Go To Dentist, Says Civil Rights Movies Don’t Show That Part

Chris Rock is tired of civil right’s themed movies and would like for them to stop now.  Racial tensions around the nation have been high for some years now and the actor-comedian is echoing the sentiments of many African-Americans as it pertains to film and television, including the added “white …

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When Did We Lose Eve? Eve Dragged After Revealing She Doesn’t Think About Race After Marrying White Man, Maximillion Cooper

Tensions have been high for quite some time in the United States, and the recent incidents involving unarmed African-Americans and officers haven’t helped to quell them. No doubt, conversations have also been difficult amongst different races trying to understand the plight of Black and Brown people in America, albeit necessary. …

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