Talk Show Host Wendy Williams Claims Da Brat Tried To Seduce Her With Her Lesbian Charm, Da Brat Claims She’s Never Been Attracted To Her

Wendy Williams usually says she’s “Got the Heat,” but this time around it appears the heat is coming her way. It’s not unusual for the talk show host to get some bite back from celebrities that she’s spoken about. Lately, some celebrities aren’t taking it sitting down, and while on her show recently, Da Brat showed her that she’s not the one.

Recently, Wendy was put in her place when during her interview with Joseline Hernandez, the “Puerto Rican Princess” gave her a piece of her mind. Hernandez expressed that she would have hoped the context of their conversation would be in a more positive light, but Wendy’s critical comments towards her did not lead them in that direction. “I’m an accomplished woman and I just feel like every time I come to your show, you don’t give me those flowers now,” Hernandez stated to Wendy. “You know? And Wendy, you’re 35 years my senior. I should get those flowers from you. I should feel wanted by people like you. And not just me, all the other young girls.”

She added, “We feel like you be trying us. We feel like you don’t really be rooting for us, especially with me. Every time I come on your show, you always wanna compare me to another broad. I don’t need to be compared. I’ve made my own brand. I’ve made my own brand for years. I’ve been out here for the past decade. I’ve got my own show. I franchised my own show to another network. I have the number one show in the country.”

Wendy once again got into it with another Love And Hip Hop cast member recently. Karlie Redd was spoken about by Wendy during a segment of Hot Topics, as it looks like she will be appearing on the upcoming season with Lamar Odom as her love interest. Williams labeled 47-year-old Karlie “too old and too dusty”, proving that she disapproves of the ordeal.

Upon catching wind of Wendy’s sentiments, Karlie threatened via social media that she would release an alleged damning clip of Williams participating in illicit activity. “Sir Wendell, you said I’m dusty! Where,” Redd questioned before adding, “Don’t let me post this video of you in a NYC club snorting. If you want Lamar just say dat!” Her latest interview, however, with rapper Da Brat, proved to be one of her most awkward showings as of late. The So So Def rapper appeared on Wendy’s talk show virtually to promote her upcoming WEtv reality television show Brat Loves Judy, which also features her fiancée Jessica Dupart. Things became strange because Williams once again, brought up the rapper during a Hot Topics segment where she claimed that Da Brat’s “hit game” was strong, claiming that she was trying to bait her.

Wendy explains their alleged exchange saying, “[She was] like, ‘So whatchu doin’?’ I’m like, ‘Da Brat, I’m minding my own business. What do you mean?’ ‘Is you alone?’ Oh she tried it. Oh please! I said, ‘Look here, Brat, we are friends. Like, I’m a girl who’s your friend, that’s it.’” In their interview, Da Brat asks Wendy to reiterate what she said during the segment. “I came in on you saying something a little bizarre,” said the Funkdafied rapper. “Can you rephrase and rewind and tell me what you said, girl?” Wendy replies, doubling down that she was hit on by the rapper. “You got a strong pickup game,” the talk show host said, “unless that’s how you always speak to attractive women.”

Receipts were then asked to be shown, as both claim that they both have proof. “Don’t do that girl,” Da Brat exclaimed. “I love you but I’ve never been attracted to you, girl.” Wendy quickly asks if the tables were turned and she was a lesbian, would there be a chance between the two.

“Nope,” said Brat. The rapper’s fiancee also shared that there would be none of that behavior from Wendy Williams as she doesn’t stand a chance.

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