Talk Show Host Wendy Williams Hit A New Low After Throwing Flowers At Joseline Hernandez On National TV During Heated Debate

Daytime titan Wendy Williams may have finally met her match. The Talk show host is known for spewing some insane comments at her celebrity guests. Its a part of her brand that has been her go to since her days on radio picking fights with acts like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Williams, who is still rebranding after a nasty cheating scandal destroyed her marriage, and almost her show, got a dose of her own medicine during a recent discussion with reality TV hot head Joseline Hernandez.

Wendy has not had it easy in recent weeks. While fans and critics tore her to shreds for her lackluster Lifetime film and documentary, its been the celebrities covered in her Hot Topics really driving in the knife.

Back in February she caught a mighty clapback from the mother of rapper NBA Youngboy. She was on a rant criticizing Youngboy’s baby mother YaYa Mayweather, who was photographed at a boat party with their infant child. No masks appeared to be present. While she felt like YaYa was irresponsible, she commented that she was not worst that Youngboy, who’d fathered over 7 kids. “He’s only 21 years old. Nope, he looks very happy to be out of the house,” she commented on the rapper. “Seven kids at twenty one. That’s worse than holding a baby on a boat.”

His mother reigned down on Williams spewing a transphobic clapback via her social media. “This ugly b***** don’t have nothing better to do than talk sh*t about people,” said Gaulden in a now deleted post. “Raise the dress up and let us see if you have a d*** How you doing!!!!!!!!”

Williams famously almost got the beat down from 90’s girlgroup Total back in the days for her mouth. Covered in her film, Williams says she was talking smack about the girls on her radio show and they weren’t feeling it. After completing her shift one day, she looked out side to see a mob of people, and an angry Total waiting for her to come down. Williams said her then boyfriend Kevin Hunter swooped in to the rescue, ushering her away in his car before Total could get their hands on her. She’s also had a long standing feud with their label head Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Well now its Joseline’s turn to tell Wendy about herself. After proclaiming that her new show “Joseline’s Cabaret: Miami” was the #1 show in the country, Wendy interjected saying, ” No, you have the #1 show on zeuz.”

Hernandez took offense at Wendy’s attempt to diminish her achievement and went on a rant about Williams inability to celebrate other black women. She pointed out that Williams is no longer in an “abusive” relationship, and should be able to show love and positivity to other women when they come on her show. Check out the clip below.

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