Tami Roman Cries On Video After Discovering Her Texas Home Is Destroyed

Texas is currently in the wake of a violent snow storm that is destroying houses and leaving thousands in the cold this week. Over 500,000 Texans are without power, with more freezing temperatures forecasted in the coming days. Water is running out and people are having issues accessing food amongst other things. Residents are even being warned about the methods they are using to stay warm after a number of deaths have been linked to the winter storm that has caused widespread power outages in much of the state.

Several celebrities have taken to their socials to send love and support, and for those in the Texas area, give people a peak into what they’re experiencing.

Bette Midler tweeted “I feel for the people suffering thru this weather.” Alyssa Milano offered support to those in the area saying “All of my friends in Texas—checking in—how are you doing through this? Is there anything I can do to help?”

Actress and Reality TV Star Tami Roman took to her instagram to share videos of her home in Texas, which is currently being destroyed by the storm. In the video you can see her house is flooding, as water and ice leak in through the ceilings.

In a tearful video she told fans that while she is currently on set in Atlanta trying to keep it together, the devastation is certainly getting the best of her.

“Im sitting in my trailer, just trying to keep it together cause i know i gotta go and perform today like everything is ok,” She said through tears. “everything i’ve been working so hard for is just ripped away in an instant. I know everybody is going through something.”

People began sending Tami messages of support via twitter.

“Sorry about your home. God will see your family through this with so many other families who homes were destroyed. We are praying for you Tami..”

@TamiRoman I love you so much Praying for you & everyone else in Texas.”

Some weren’t so understanding and called out Tami on her privilege, feeling that because she’s a celebrity and away from home on business that she doesn’t have it as bad as those with no income right now struggling through the storm in person. “Tami Roman a clown for posting that video. A big clown. Read the Room!” Another one tweeted “Man if Tami Roman don’t get off IG crying… like she can’t easily replace that damn house she own in Texas.”

Tami has yet to respond to the negative responses.

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