‘Where Did I Go Wrong As A Parent?’: Tami Roman’s Bisexual Daughter Claims Her Sexuality Had Mother Questioning Her Parenting Skills

Fans of the show Basketball Wives are privy to the strong relationship that Tami Roman has with her daughter, Jazz Anderson. Among the many ventures that Roman places her hands in, she takes her role as a family woman and mother very seriously. Living life in the public eye can be an uneasy one for some, but they’ve been able to maneuver successfully. Recently, Jazz made a public declaration of her sexuality, which garnered much praise from supporters, including her mother. She’s now revealing that even though the relationship with her mother is still strong, they still have some growing to do with the news of her sexuality.

Jazz Anderson has started to make quite the name for herself, dabbling in music as well as acting. Always standing by her daughter’s side, Tami Roman has been a major supporter of her daughter’s efforts. She showed her love for her daughter last year on her 24th birthday with video clips that she’s compiled of Anderson spitting some of Roman’s favorite bars. “I respect your grind and all I pray for is that every dream of success that you have comes true,” said Roman of her daughter in an Instagram post.

She’s now a tv personality as a co-host for Fox Soul’s “The Mix”, which also features Romeo Miller and Zonnique, daughter of Tiny Harris. On an episode of the show, she revealed that at 24-years-old, she and her 26-year-old sister were still virgins. Why? According to her, Tami Roman used to tell them when they were younger that they would die if they had sex! From there, they have continued to wait until they are ready.

Following this revelation, Anderson began to get bullied online, which caused her to address her claims as well as the bullying in another episode. “People were all in the comments, all in my DMs as well,” Anderson began. “Basically, I had some doubters. I had some haters and then I had some people who were just like, ‘You’re gay!’ So that’s why you’re a virgin. You’re a lesbian so that’s why you’re a virgin.”

She then made the declaration to her viewers that she was a member of the LGBTQ+ community. “I am bisexual,” confessed Anderson. “I do look at myself as a bisexual woman in 2020. I’ve been with females and I’ve been with males. For me, I’m not going to let anybody call me a lesbian because I do like guys. If I’m ever looking and do like a great guy in the future, I’m definitely down to date him as I’ve dated other guys in the past.”

Anderson also stated that while her family was aware, she never felt the need to share the information with the public as it was not owed to us. The negative comments, however, did affect her and she shared her sadness at the thought of her family being affected as well.  “I have a sister [Lyric] who’s in law school and I want to make sure that when I come out and speak my truth she doesn’t have to deal with anyone saying anything to her,” she tearfully expressed.

Tami Roman did share that she will always love and be supportive of her daughter, no matter her lifestyle. However, what disappointed her with the whole ordeal was the way in which she found out. According to Tami, she was informed via text message.

She did express in an interview with TS Madison, as we’ve reported before, that the life she envisioned for her daughter is not in line with what is their reality, but she is willing to continue to be open and willing with her daughter.

“That wasn’t what I envisioned for my daughter,” Roman said. “When any mother is pregnant with her son, she doesn’t say, ‘I want my son to be a gay male.’ When she has a daughter, she doesn’t say, ‘I want my daughter to be a lesbian.’ You hope that if that’s their truth that you’re able to love them and still have a relationship and a rapport with them. And there are some mothers out there that don’t. I’m the type of mother that does. But at the same time, this is not what I envisioned, I wanted her to have a husband and kids. I felt like she selfishly threw a monkey wrench in my plans.”

More time has passed, and they are still as close as before, however, Anderson claimed in a recent interview that although she is accepting of her, Roman is still not ready to see her with a girlfriend. Anderson also told of her experience being raised in a Christian household, and that due to her sexuality, Roman sometimes feels that she “failed” as a mother.

Her words below.

As fans came across Anderson’s words, they began to show compassion for Tami as well as Anderson. “It’s new and takes some adjustment. She still supports her and that’s what matters,” wrote one fan. Another wrote, “I’m gay, but parents are allowed to go thru their process as well as the kid cause it’s new. As long as the process isn’t violent or toxic, Jaz clearly stated she is still loved. I don’t think Tami is “homophobic”.

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