Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka’s Teenage Daughter Comes Out As Gay To Parents, Waka Flocka Response Receives Praises

Waka Flocka and Tammy Riveria are currently in season two of their latest reality television endeavor “Waka and Tammy: What the Flocka.” The WE TV series is a follow-up to their stint on WE TV’s Marriage Boot Camp and follows the couple in their day to day adventures.

During this season they discuss working on music together. They also talk about what they’ve been doing during quaratine. Tammy has reportedly spend over $100k on clothing during the pandemic.

“I just bought a new Birkin bag, I bought a Dior bag, I bought two Celine bags, I bought about four pairs of sneakers. I mean, I’ve been shopping,” the reality star told Page Six Style.

“The Dior bag was $6,000, the two Celines were $2,200 apiece. The small Chanel orange purse, that one was $2,600.”

Waka, on the other hand, has been spending the time at home getting closer to their teenage daughter. While talking with the Hollywood Life podcast, he said that the pandemic allowed him to “become best friends” with daughter Charlie and learn that she is “his life.”

This was even more apparent during a recent clip of the series. Charlie was gearing up to celebrate her Quincenera. While talking with mom, she expressed interest in having a girl as her date. While mom was all for it and made a comment about supporting her “gay daughter”, it appeared that maybe dad Waka didn’t know about his daughters sexuality or plans to bring a girl to the party.

In a separate clip, Tammy and Charlie break the news to Waka. However the famous rapper didn’t seem too impressed with the news and kind of brushed it off. Possibly as a way to show his daughter that its ok and he doesn’t care.

Some people in the comments interpreted it differently. Based on the conversation some assumed that maybe what his daughter was trying to communicate wasn’t connecting with him.

Singer Lu Kala commented “I don’t know if she told him that exactly lmao cause he looked confused like oh you going with your friend but it was a cute moment. Love that so many kids feel comfortable being themselves.”

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