Tank Tired Of His Sexuality Being Questioned After Suggesting A Man Can Be Intimate With Another Man Without Being Gay

Tank has build his career of his universal sex appeal. The R&B star has made intimacy the cornerstone of his brand, playing into an image that appeals to both men and women. Due to his large gay fan base, many assume the singer is gay as well. Over his careers he’s had to field rumors about his sexuality, often speaking out on the negative effects of weaponizing homosexuality towards men of color.

In the past, Tank has come under fire for his thoughts on homosexuality and what defines a man as gay. During an infamous interview with Angela Yee, Tank explained that he felt being intimate with another man doesn’t necessarily mean someone is gay if it only happened “once or twice.”

The interview fueled rumors of his sexuality and caused him to have to defend himself in a separate interview. “We were talking about two lies and if that makes a person a liar…and I said ‘I don’t think that makes a person a liar’…not me – hypothetically. I was clear when I was born, know what I am…know what I want…and somehow it became ‘Tank is gay.’”

He went on to talk about backlash he got from admitting to letting his woman “toss his salad”. How am I gay if I like for a woman to get a little salad? I don’t want her to use no utensils, you know what I’m saying? But that is a woman…my wife. What does that make me? There was a time, you know, some people believe everything done within a heterosexual relationship is fair game. I don’t agree. [But] I don’t judge.”

In a new interview with Leah Henry of Leah’s Lemonade, they discussed the issue of sexuality further. “Even if you were gay, and what?” asked Leah.

Tank responded “Exactly, why would it matter?” He continued, “Why are you trying to weaponize it?” Tank goes on to explain that people’s curiosity about his sexuality is concerning not because they think he’s gay, but more so because it seems they want to use that as a reason to “end” him. He feels people are treating it as something negative and a way to discredit him when it shouldn’t be that at all.

He goes on to express disappointment with the black community as they are the primary group trying to “out him”, and talks about how he hopes to bring inspiration to young people to be who they are and not be ashamed.

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