“Your Man Loves My Mouth”: Teanna Trump Insults Lil Baby’s Girlfriend With Intimate Details Of Her Affair With Rapper

Lil Baby is finding out that the price of fame is a pretty costly one, as it sometimes comes with toil and turmoil, rumors and speculations, and your privacy is no longer yours.  December is proving to be a month full of headlines for the rapper, as he has found himself yet another day in his world where another adult star is trying to expose him on social media for their rendevous.  

The Atlanta native has celebrated many wins this year taking the title of his latest album My Turn literally and making it just that. Lil Baby has become a 2x Grammy-nominated artist this year, garnered two American Music Awards, two VMA nominations, and a winner of a BET Hip Hop Award.  He was also recently crowned as the biggest all-genre ‘Artist of the Year’ at the Apple Music Awards 2020, and Forbes’ included him in their yearly “30 Under 30” list. 

Although the rapper’s accolades are indeed notable, they aren’t what is grabbing onto headlines.  His relationship with his girlfriend and mother to his young son, Jayda Cheaves, which began sometime in 2016, is taking over the news as well as social media thanks to several adult stars are coming forward with tales of alleged encounters between them. 

Around the time that Lil Baby and his girlfriend celebrated his 26th birthday, OnlyFans model Ms. London came on to Twitter to make an alleged private affair, public.  “I’m legit about to talk sh*t all night,” said Ms. London. “The best d— I ever had came from a millionaire who didn’t say more than two full sentences to me. He literally beat me to the mattress soon as I got in the room.”

Although she didn’t formally reveal the rapper’s identity, the rest of her tweet seemed to confirm which millionaire she was referring to.  “Not dropping no names, but Jayda not leaving this man ever,” she added, referring to Cheaves. She then went on to claim that Baby paid $6,000 for their one-night stand. 

While neither Jayda nor Baby initially commented on the allegations, Ms. London continued to tweet, as well as other social media users.  The couple finally broke their silence, with Jayda expressing her feelings through emojis, and the rapper tweeting, “Lil huh ? Wtf be wrong with y’all people… I get it!! Say Baby Name Get Clout. Y’all need to stop the desperate s—t,” he added. “When s—t going good watch for the devil!”

Unfortunately for the rapper, she also released DMs allegedly from the rapper, chastising her for exposing their encounter.  The rapper attempted to refute her claims and maintain his own innocence by tweeting that he had been with Jayda for the whole time with his birthday.  

Seemingly tired of all the drama surrounding the tweets, Ms. London took to Twitter again to offer up a public apology and explain herself.  “Clearing out the air, their was a small misunderstanfing [sic] on what I said, I was drinking but what I said was factual dates were just not aligned,” she tweeted. “And he was PISSED! I apologized and we were supposed to fix it for the public. Does baby love his girl ! YES!!!” 

Lil’ Baby, tired of the antics, wanted his followers and all else on social media to “find a new topic” and sent that very message on his Twitter.  It would now seem that the topic is only going to intensify, as another OnlyFans model is coming forward with allegations against the “Drip Too Hard” rapper.  Jayda jokingly tweeted that someone asked to send her nudes, and her response was a nude-colored outfit.  

Adult film star Teanna Trump then chose to respond to the rapper’s girlfriend by saying “And that’s why you got cheated on..,” and even added a yawning emoji. In another tweet, she alleged to have evidence to back her claims saying, “He better check his b—h. Lol Don’t make me post screenshots.”

Jayda caught wind of the tweets and clapped back with a series of her own.  “Why these h—s COME FOR ME FIRST then hit me with the check ur man. Like is that what this really be about? Y’all got the game f—d up. Y’all trifling as hell all y’all,” she tweeted.  She then added, “Sis if you wanted me to shoutout your only fans you could’ve just said that. You didn’t have to throw shade?!?”

Teanna Trump, however, didn’t back down from Jayda, who responded back saying that Lil Baby loved a specific part of her body.  “Yea I do, your man loves my mouth,” Trump claimed after Jayda insinuated on what she does for a living.  

Cheaves and Baby, although wishing that social media would honor their wishes of finding something else to discuss, don’t seem to see the end of the criticism anytime soon.  “Ion even be on all that mean girl s—t,” Cheaves expressed on social media. “I barely like clapping back. But as soon as i do it’s awww your n—a this or that. Like b—h go to hell.”

She added, “Whether the s—t be true or not cuz who tf knows these days [laughing emojis] THAT S—T LAME. Y’all be forgetting I’m the victim here??? Cuz clearly y’all do.”

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