Rapper Tekashi 6x9ine Resurfaces For The First Time In Five Months, Covered In Tattoos With Long Black Beard

It’s been months since we’ve seen or heard a peep from the Internet’s favorite troll, Tekashi 6ix9ine.  Claiming that the Internet is “boring without me”, he’s made his return in true bold 6ix9ine fashion, and with a new look to match.

It’s been over five months since Daniel Hernandez posted on social media, unusual behavior for the rapper whose presence ever since being released from prison was consistent.  After receiving another number 1 single with his Nicki Minaj assisted “TROLLZ”, 6ix9ine was ever so sure that his second studio album TattleTales would be a smash.  

Although originally projected to hit the number 1 position on Billboard, the album peaked at number four on the charts.  Tekashi’s efforts of promoting the album with his usual trolling were to no effect, as TattleTales remained on Billboard 200 for only three weeks before disappearing.  

6ix9ine remained relatively silent on social media, but some fans would share various sightings of the rapper.  The news would then break of hospitalization due to a reported apparent overdose of caffeine and Hydroxycut pills in the attempt to drop weight.  DJ Akademiks, who is a friend of the rapper, confirmed the story saying, “This is true. Lol he finally realizes he needs a trainer not no CVS products. Talked to him today tho. He was on the track running n in good spirits. He’ll be back soon.”  His lawyer Lance Lazarro would go on to dismiss the claims of overdose while adding about the hospitalization, “He was treated and released on the same day.”

While still silent on social media, he would emerge shortly afterward to let his fans know with a message for his fans letting them know that he was doing well.  Fans would notice the controversial rapper now had some facial hair in the form of a thin beard, and a rare sighting of him without his wig.  Comments on his hair and health both looking better than usual flooded social media, while some still hoped he would remain “lowkey”.

A few weeks later, Akademiks once again shared an update on the rapper amid his ongoing social media hiatus.  The photo showed 6ix9ine getting more tattoo work on his upper body, adding to the already crowded body art.  “Looks like #6ix9ine been busy getting some new ink,” captioned Akademiks. “Y’all miss him on the gram or y’all good wit him gone?”

On February 4th, 6ix9ine made a surprise reappearance on Instagram, breaking his social media hiatus.  The 24-year-old rapper shared a video snippet where he appears to be in a studio and rapping along to a new song. 

As he teased the new music, he says to his 23 million followers in the caption, “ARE YOU READY????? 100,000 comments if you want this right now,” states 6ix9ine. “I TOOK ENOUGH TIME OFF TO SHOW YOU THIS INTERNET S**T IS BORING WITHOUT ME .”  Noticeably different on the controversial rapper is a now fuller dark beard and brand new “69” tattoos on his torso.  Also present are more 69s on his arm as well as a full sleeve.

While some fans were happy for his return, many others weren’t so impressed.  “6ix9ine should be shadowbanned from the whole damn industry at this point,” posted one user.  Another commented, “this dude 6ix9ine really disappeared and came bacc outa nowhere all tatted up plus w a beard and a weak a** mustache.” 

As it pertains to his beard, many fans thought that it may perhaps be fake, much like his rainbow wigs.  “Lmao 6ix9ine disappeared because he flopped and instead of coming back with a fresh sound, he comes back with the same bulls**t some new tattoos and Abraham Lincoln beard LOL,” commented a Twitter user.  Another agreed, writing “Looks like 6ix9ine glued a lace front on his chin.”

Fans are sure that this is only the beginning of the attention-seeking rapper’s resurgence on social media.  Also upcoming is a three-part docuseries profiling the rapper entitled SUPERVILLAIN: THE MAKING OF TEKASHI 6IX9INE, debuting on Showtime Feb. 21, at 10 pm.

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