Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Actor Terry Crews Sparks Outrage After Suggesting Black People Aren’t Successful Until They’re Called ‘C-Word,’ Continuing Feud With Black Community

Terry Crews has somehow become an internet lightning rod for race-related internet outrage, and he’s back with another greatest hit. This time, he was tagged into a conversation with another influential person but in Terry Crews fashion, his statement has gotten people riled up again.

Crews comments have gotten the attention of many, and he appeared on an episode of talk show The Real previously to address how he has felt unsupported by Black people because of his comments.

“What I said was, defeating white supremacy without white people could create Black supremacy,” Crews told the daytime TV hosts. “In Black America, we have gatekeepers.” Crews also added that he felt excluded purposefully because of his “mixed-race” wife.

“I’ve been called all kinds of things — like an Uncle Tom — simply because I’m successful, simply because I’ve worked my way out of Flint, Michigan,” he said. “Blackness is always judged.”

Crews’ feelings of being attacked led to another controversial tweet recently. One of the “threats” he’s claimed to receive includes being called a “coon” – a common reference to Black people who regularly seem more concerned with white gaze and respectability politics than the advancement of equality for all Black people in America. His attempt at creating a more positive acronym with the letters of the word “c-o-o-n” seemed to have back fired, however.

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“Conquer Our Own Negativity,” Crews tweeted, and the Internet had a field day.

There were many tweets of rage against the actor’s continued use of the platform and also some of support. One comment even garnered a response from Crews, in which he once again seems intent on continuing to ruffle feathers with his views and viewing himself as a victim.

“Sir! Have You looked at the the ACRONYM Of Your message/Thought/Movement. I love your work and Family values but do not agree with You on some of Your stances, But this Acronym is Not You. It’s an outdated Term used to tear each other down,” the commenter said.

“I agree. That word is horrible. But I’ve learned to catch the lemons thrown at you, Make lemonade. Then make lemon bars. Make a lemon scented hand sanitizer, sell the rinds in the spice aisle for bbq lemon pepper wings then take the seeds and grow more lemon trees,” Crews said in response.

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Well, “that word” has resurfaced in the context of Terry Crews – except this time, it wasn’t being levied at him. He was warning Kanye West that he would more than likely be called it, using the word as a marker of success instead of critique.

“I have the utmost respect for all brothers…we need to link and respect each other…no more dissing each other on labels we don’t own,” Kanye tweeted, seemingly about rappers having “beef.”

After a commenter said that Kanye was going to be called the “c-word” like Crews was, Crews himself responded, saying “You are not officially Black and successful until they do.” The tweet sparked immediate outrage from Crews’ followers.

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