Teyana Taylor Let’s Down Fans With Disappointing #SilhouetteChallenge

Another day, another #SilhouetteChallenge, and by the looks of it, it doesn’t seem to be letting up off of the Internet’s necks any time soon.  Fans have been satiated by titillating videos from various social media users, which included celebrities that couldn’t help but join the fun.  The likes of LaLa Anthony, Cardi B, and Iggy Azalea hopped in on the challenge, while some artists like Lupe Fiasco got creative and showcased a freestyle.

The body-positive challenge just got some more life thanks to R&B singer Teyana Taylor.  Because of her physique and usual sexual energy in her music and visuals, fans couldn’t wait to see whether or not the “Bare With Me” singer would produce an entry.  

Taking to Twitter she wrote, “Y’all been blowing my mentions up about me and Shump doing this damn challenge so i thought I’d take stab at it!”  Perhaps fans noticed the entry from Tiffany Haddish and her boyfriend Common, who hopped into hers and created a steamy entry.    She continued, “AUNTEY don’t have a TikTok so i did it on my niece account! Bear wit me! Lol,” before sharing a link that led fans to a nonexistent page.

After having a little fun with her fans, Taylor led everyone to believe playtime was over.  With her fans ready to shut it down, she stated that she had finally uploaded her real entry to the challenge. “Ight y’all 4real this time lol I posted my silhouette challenge on my IG stories! Check it out!,” Teyana tweeted.

Fans eager to see Teyana work her body over the Doja Cat “Streets” record were soon to be disappointed.  The video starts with Taylor in a black and white visual wearing a crop top that showcased her abs.  However, once it transitions to the time where a sexy silhouette should show up, instead Taylor’s eldest daughter Junie takes center stage.

 “Hey y’all, this my baby momma and peace out,” she proudly states before it cuts off.  Fans undoubtedly showed their disappointment for Taylor’s entry.  “I was really ready for her to EAT IT UP!” wrote one user.  Another fan commented, “Ion even play that, i’m finna block y’all.”  Many other fans commented that Teyana was “dead wrong” for playing with their emotions.

Teyana’s prank follows Keke Palmer’s own hilarious take on the challenge.  “Know I had to show y’all what’s really good,” she captioned the post.  As the post transitioned and she geared up to turn the heat on, a “notification” for the iPhone’s battery life indicating 20% left shows up before she gestures with her finger signaling a “no” that it wouldn’t be happening.

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