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“The Felon Is Mine”: Corey Miller’s Ex Calls Monica Trash, Accuses Singer Of Cheating His Kids, Says She’s The One Who’s Been Holding Him Down, Twitter Reacts

Kim Kardashian’s legal work on the behalf of the unjustly incarcerated has expanded to include former No Limit Records artist Corey Miller. She and R&B singer Monica Denise have made their efforts public to free the rapper and brother of industry mogul Percy Miller, better known as Master P.

Monica, singer of hit songs, “Don’t Take It Personal”, “Angel of Mine”, and “So Gone”, posted a series of Instagram posts and stories declaring her support for Miller. For those uninitiated, Monica and Corey were a romantic item sometime ago and some speculate that the flame is being stoked to rekindle. 

Corey’s brother Percy, multi-hyphenate entertainer and business entrepreneur, voiced his skepticism at the pair on Instagram in a series of now-deleted posts. Monica responded to Master P’s post telling him she has always been respectful to him, but he has not shown her the same respect.

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The No Limit Soldier had a bit more to say in response to Monica’s retort, before releasing an apology for his actions.

Just when everyone thought this was over, another one of Corey Miller’s love interests opined on the situation from a now-deleted Instagram profile, sheflysplanes.

In the first post, Miller’s ex states, “Where these ni–as* be at when they doing all this and all that….. @future you remember how it all went down! All she did was finess his kids an sneak to the prison lol! The lady was married. But y’all know know how down down I was. Let’s be clear clear … I moved 4 mins away from Angola Prison. I’m realer than any man you will ever meet!!” 

In another post she added, “Didn’t miss a weekend! Didn’t miss a call didn’t miss a payment! Monica who?! We all have a story and he will forever be apart of mine!” Lastly calling the singer ‘trash’ when saying “I don’t remember Monica spending a dime. But P is gathering her a– together trash a–.”

Social media couldn’t believe how one good deed turned into this level of chaos. One Instagram stated, “Monica on the phone with Kim right now like, this why you can’t try and help these n*ggas.”

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Another user played on Brandy and Monica’s hit song ‘The Boy Is Mine’ switching it to ‘The Felon Is Mine” – stating [things went] from ‘U Should’ve Known Better” to “The Felon Is Mine’ in less than 24 hours.

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