The Inmate Who ‘Jumped’ R. Kelly In His Cell Released His Own Identity, Says The ‘Government’ Made Him Do It But Doesn’t Explain Why

R. Kelly’s been locked up in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago for months now, and it seems as if he’s not going anywhere any time soon. Largely off the radar aside from a few maneuvers due to COVID-19, Kelly’s run into trouble with other inmates due to his “fans” outside protesting his detention – that cause the facility to go on lockdown.

Dealing with Kelly’s legacy in light of his charges has been a topic of discussion as he once again re-enters the press due to his legal issues, and not music. Recently, R&B singer and previous Kelly collaborator spoke up against the thorny path that many walk while trying to navigate their love of the music he created.

In an interview with Page Six, Johnson shared her updated view on where she stands with her former collaborator’s talent. “I don’t think people should find themselves responsible for his actions because they love his music,” she says. In addition to her debut single, Kelly and Johnson collaborated on the song “Guess What” on her second album “Chapter 2: The Voice.”

“During that time when you heard that music, you were in a pure place where you received something lyrically that inspired and motivated you. Hold on to that,” she goes on to say. That’s not your fault that he created this … So if we can’t listen to his music, [then] we can’t watch another Harvey Weinstein movie. We can’t watch none of Bill Cosby’s shows.”

Johnson’s turnabout was a bit unexpected, as just as recently as 2019, she told The Associated Press that she can’t “happily perform” her hit song “I Am Your Woman” any longer – adding that the song brings her “to tears.” She claims the “#MuteRKelly” movement also made her take another look at the lyrics.

“No, I didn’t tape the song knowing what I know now, but when you know better, you have to do better,” Johnson said in the interview. “Essentially you’ve put me in a predicament where I’m a young woman talking about being with an older man. That’s what my song says. … So, when I see what’s going on, I’m in tears because I’ve been singing that the whole time.”

Despite the facts that surround his case, Kelly’s still garnering attention from fans. They’ve recently been outside of his detention center, protesting, carrying signs and requesting “justice” for the singer, much to the dismay of many – both inside and outside of the jail.

Kelly was jumped by a fellow inmate out of nowhere at the end of August in his cell, apparently out of retribution for the repeated lockdowns that have been initiated because of Kelly, his fans or his presence. Now, TMZ has obtained the name of the inmate that attacked him: Jeremiah Shane Farmer.

The former Latin Kings member was convicted last year of beating “2 men to death with a hammer as part of a racketeering conspiracy,” according to the site, and is also housed in the MCC with Kelly. Included in documents along with the admission was the report of the incident, which detailed more accurately how he attacked Kelly.

Farmer repeatedly punched Kelly in the head and torso and also claimed that the “government made me attack Kelly” and tosses around the words government corruption without ever providing any proof.

See the full article at TMZ.

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