“The Pain This Woman Must Be In”: Tabitha Brown Drags Wendy Williams By Her Failed Marriage With Grace, Prays Love Finds The Talk Show Host

Wendy Williams’ job would not be complete without ruffling a few feathers here and there. While usual victims of the Daytime host are probably used to her daily jabs, its probably still jarring anytime they hear her comment on their lives. Its probably even more terrifying when its someone not normally caught in her crosshairs. Vegan viral sensation Tabitha Brown is a new name added to Williams list. Brown’s recent success has allowed her to retire her husband, something Williams was not too keen of.

Tabitha Brown was a struggling actress for over two decades. The wife and mother spent a good portion of her life looking for success in the realms of television and film. despite minor roles here and there, she mostly floated under the radar. However in early 2020, Brown caught massive success after a string of vegan cooking videos went viral. Brown’s comforting voice and southern charm enamored millions, 4 million to be exact according to her TikTok followers. She’s managed to parlay her new found spotlight into new roles in acting and hosting as well as branding opportunities. She’s done so well for herself that she’s managed to retired her husband so that he too can focus on his passions.

Wendy Williams, who is still reeling from her divorce, decided to cover Brown’s story on her Hot Topics segment. Williams believes that retiring her husband is a bad idea and recalls her own experience with now ex-husband Kevin Hunter. Williams, who employed her husband as manager and executive producer of her show, claims she helped “retire” her man as well and “fund his dreams” and all he did was cheat on her and move on with another woman. Her conclusion, Brown’s husband will probably do the same to her.

Tabitha Brown took to her social media to respond to Williams in her signature calmness. Speaking on the situation, she says that she has been blessed by God to have the ability to provide for her family. She feels it is within her right and duty as a wife to ensure her husband can live to his fullest potential the same way she does now. She goes on to talk about his work as a coach and teacher to young people and his non-profit. Brown took the high road and wished Williams the best as she explained why this was a good idea for herself and her family. She also acknowledges “the pain” Wendy must be in to feel so strongly about their family, and says “i’m sorry”. See her full response below.

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