“There Are No Words To Explain This Pain”: Bobby Brown An Emotional Wreck After Losing Second Child, Says It Has Devastated His Family

Brown’s once again in mourning as he has lost a son that had appeared with him and Whitney Houston on their reality show at one point. With the death of Bobby Kristina back in 2015, Brown’s suffering another loss of another child that never made it to 30.

With the pandemic causing widespread damage all over the world to families, friends and others, there’s still the regular passage of life that happens every day. Bobby Brown’s been affected with the loss of his son and earlier this year, Rapper The Game lost someone close to him during the quarantine.

The “Hate It or Love It” songwriter took to Instagram to share his grief with the world and to ask for prayers as he goes through a rough time.

The Game’s grandmother, Lillie Marie Frazier, recently passed and was laid to rest. Over the span of a couple of days, The Game grieved his loss, giving fans further insight into his personal life. It appears that with the passing of his grandmother, The Game is down to one living parent.

“This was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I’ve never known a life without you so today feels different. There’s an emptiness attached to your passing that can’t be filled with anything on this earth. You were & will always be my angel,” he wrote in tribute over a series of photos.

He then posted a picture of himself, young and at the beach, with a somber, forlorn look on his face. “If missing your father & grandmother had a face. A boy who once had a full family is down to one parent & no grandparents. Pray for me 🙏🏾,” he asked his followers. While it’s never easy to lose a loved one, during these especially stressful times, it can take a toll.

TMZ reported that Bobby Brown, Jr., one of Brown’s seven children and who he shared with ex-girlfriend Kim Ward, was found dead Wednesday at his home in the Los Angeles area. It doesn’t seem as if there’s any foul play involved, making it even more of a tragedy since Brown, Jr. was only 28 years old.

“Please keep my family in your prayers at this time,” the singer said in his official remarks to the press. “Losing my son at this point in our lives has devastated my family. There are no words to explain the pain.”

The family has been shaken from another death and has for privacy, with Brown’s attorney representing them and letting his fans know what next steps will be taken to figure out what happened to another of Brown’s children.

“Bobby Brown Jr.  was not feeling well a couple days before his death, with flu-like symptoms,” said Christopher Brown, Esq. of Brown & Rosen LLC, counsel to Bobby Brown. “This is a tragic loss, and we will be letting the authorities conduct their investigation of his death.”

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