“This Fool Was Dating A Boy On The Low”: Rapper 50 Cent Trolls Young Buck With Throwback Picture Of Rapper Distancing Himself From Fan

Curtis Jackson, better known as rapper-actor (not to mention budding TV & Film mogul) 50 Cent, has never shied away from a public feud in his beef-laden career. He famously bodied Ja Rule, exposed Floyd Mayweather’s literacy struggles, flipped the script on former girlfriend Vivica A. Fox, and made diss records a plenty about his rivals in the music industry.

Enter Young Buck, former G-Unit group and label mate since the height of the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ emcee’s career. Buck has taken issue with his albums getting shelved, which is music industry jargon for having a product blocked from public release.

In February 2019, Buck posted a promotional video for an upcoming project in which he stated, “It’s come to my knowledge that a cease a desist was sent out from G-Unit Records to a certain distribution label dealing with my music. I think me and the fans wanna know: Am I an artist still on G-Unit Records? Cause if that’s the case, don’t you think I need to go ahead and complete whatever’s on my contract?” All of his music was reportedly removed from the major streaming services without explanation.

Fifty’s history gave us more than reasonable expectations of how he’d respond. In a since deleted Instagram post, Mr. 21 Questions wrote the following about his bandmate, “If your in a relationship with a (explicit), your gay. That’s a boy, Boy. It’s cool Buck you gonna be big down at the gay bars.”  

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A specific allegation of Young Buck’s ‘preference’ and thinly veiled attack on the rapper’s brand and reputation would continue from Jackson. 50 Cent continued to troll the rapper with an image of he and Buck with a fan – noting how far the rapper stood away from the individual.

When the original rumor, which came from an indiscernibly dark Instagram video originally posted by “Cook Up Boss”, Young Buck categorically denied the allegations in a profanity-laced tirade and back-alley challenge to his naysayers.

Some fans and followers have taken offense with 50’s shaming tactics, regardless of their veracity, as they strike the social inequities faced by the LGBTQ community. Given that hyper-masculinity has long been a vital component of just about every commercially successful rapper’s persona, it’s perceived as a method of attack that is as unscrupulous and as it is anachronistic.

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