‘This What Ya Been Waiting For’: 6ix9ine Visit To New Jersey Mall Ended With Rapper ‘Running for His Life’ In Video To Troll Haters

6ix9ine’s out of the house and the world is already reeling from the rapper’s shenanigans.

The Internet captured the “TROLLZ” rapper filming a new music video on his first full day off of house arrest, complete with camera crew. While the rapper has been continuously releasing music while under lock and key, one can assume that with his release we’re sure to get a deluge of new music.

Kicking the rolling up a notch during a recent live stream, Tekashi 6ix9ine took to addressing why people seemed to continuously question his motives for having security around him constantly. Given his cause of conviction, it’s widely assumed known that his safety may be in danger, according to previous statements by his attorneys. Still, Tekashi had plenty to say.

“A lot of people wanna say, why are you always around a whole bunch of security?” said 6ix9ine during his stream. “Why is your favorite rapper dead right now with bullet holes in his face? F**k is you talking about?” There have been a rash of rapper deaths recently, and many took 6ix9ines comments to be disparaging those deaths.

“What’s the problem with security?” Tekashi his friend DJ Akademiks over Live. “Hip hop does not like security but hip hop loves Nipsey Hussle. Hip hop loves Pop Smoke. Hip hop loves XXX. What I mean by that… if you really love your favorite rapper, love security too, n***a. Cause with security, your favorite rapper would have been here today.”

Flaunting his newly released status, the rapper has been caught out and about in the streets of New York already, in addition to the music video mentioned previously.

Turns out that Tekashi left the island and took his crew over to the Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, New Jersey. Of course, the rapper had his considerable security team with him, keeping him safe – though it seemed he only needed to be kept safe from a few screaming fans.

However, as the rapper walked around things started to get more hectic and chaotic, with more and more people eventually following the rapper around the mall. People were jostling for photos and trying to get a glimmer of the “TROLLZ” rapper until the fun and games seemed to turn serious.

Tweets from people at the mall seemed to indicate at some point that Tekashi 6ix9ine and his team began to run, allegedly because someone was trying to pick a fight with the rapper. Also noted via tweets were that his security was being excessively aggressive while trying to keep fans and others from around him.

Despite seemingly fearing for his safety in the mall, Tekashi posted a video trolling people who think that he’s afraid for his safety.

In the clip, he can be seen running from someone through the streets, seemingly indicating that he was running in fear. Once the party chasing him catches up to him, they hand him a $1 that he supposedly “dropped.”

We may never know if 6ix9ine fears for his life or if all of this has been a ploy to sell records but let’s hope that we never find out before the jig is up.

See the clip below.

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