Thug Misses, Khia’s Cell Phone Disconnected During Public Taping Of ‘Gag Order’ In Resurfaced Video

Karma has a funny way of getting people back: sometimes in private and sometimes in the form of public humiliation.  Khia, a former rapper and now internet personality/podcaster, has experienced the latter on the very same platform she uses to speak on people.

The year 2002 would bring Khia’s debut single and album.  Her debut single, “My Neck, My Back” became a breakthrough hit for the rapper, but also her only hit.  Afterward, Khia released six more albums. Including a Greatest Hits album, independently.  However, none of the albums or their respective singles charted on Billboard.

2017 saw Khia stepping into the world of vlogging.  The rapper, along with former friend and collaborator TS Madison, started a gossip vlog that would occur every week called The Queen’s Court.  Although the show began to swiftly gain popularity, its end was also pretty quick, lasting for under a year. 

Khia and her then co-host became embroiled in a devastating back and forth feud, trading insult after insult toward one another.  Ultimately the rapper decided to start her own podcast called Gag Order.  She would soon begin to gain quite the following from fans who wanted to hear her various opinions and “reads” of different targeted celebrities such as longtime enemy and fellow Miami rapper, Trina.

Although Khia has been known to speak on the issues of others, she may have some of her own.  During a taping of her Gag Order podcast, it appeared that “the gag is” on her.  In a clip shared by The Neighborhood Talk, she’s in the middle of her live taping when she begins to use her phone.  It is then that she puts the phone on speaker for it to be revealed both to herself and the world that her phone had been disconnected.

“My line’s suspended?” Khia is heard saying after the initial shock upon hearing the recording through the phone’s speakers. “I thought my bill wasn’t due to the 20th.” The recorded voice exposed that her service had been disconnected “due to nonpayment”.  She then awkwardly tries to recover from the apparent embarrassment and attempts to keep her head high, until music begins to play and she runs off camera.

Once the incident happened to Khia, social media was bombarded with comments at Khia’s expense.  “[I] Know She GAGGED‼️” commented one user.  “LMFAOOOOO WOW I GOT SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT FROM THIS,” wrote another.

“She was embarrassed lmfao you could read that s**t all on her face,” observed another Instagrammer. One user points out that the only way to fix it Is to simply pay her bill. “Talking bout let’s fix this. All u had to do was make a payment to fix it. Aint no other way to fix it baby,” they wrote.

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