Tiffany Haddish Calls Out Nicki Minaj For Being A Horrible Human Being, Claims Rapper Lacks Respect & Dignity For Others

It’s a high compliment when someone compares you to a great. Over time we’ve heard people being called the Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson of their respective fields. Modern day legends like Beyonce, Mariah and Rihanna are often used as the measuring stick of other acts in their chosen medium. Nicki Minaj, as the most decorated female hip-hop artists of all time, has also become one of these examples.

Comedian Tiffany Haddish has become in icon in her field in recent years. The comedian has worked hard for decades to achieve the level of success she now enjoys. Since her breakout roll in Girls Trip, she’s gone from strength to strength and cemented herself as one of the most bankable comedians in Hollywood.

Yesterday she added Grammy Award winner to her list of accolades. Haddish snatch up the Grammy for Best Comedy Album for her stand up special Black Bar Mitzvah.

During a Clubhouse panel recently, Haddish was compared to Nicki Minaj by one of the moderators. He told Haddish that she was the “Nicki Minaj of Comedy”, an ironic comment now considering Haddish has managed to win a Grammy before Nicki.

Haddish and one of the other moderators didn’t seem to take the compliment too well, and were quick to distinguish the difference between herself and the “Super Bass” hit maker.

One man could be heard saying “unlike Nicki she shows up on time.”

To which Haddish responded “and unlike Nicki I tread everyone with respect and dignity”

One person could be heard saying “big facts” while a few others seemed to sigh in agreement.

This is the first time Haddish and Nicki’s names have shared a headline. At the 2018 VMA’s, Haddish made some comments about the group Fifth Harmony that Nicki didn’t like.

While handing out an award with Kevin Hart, Haddish made a comment about Camila Cabello saying “She’s nominated for five VMAs tonight — five of them. I’m super proud of her,” before adding: “So those of you watching at home: Hiiiii, Fifth Harmony!” 

Nicki, who is friends with Normani, did not like this comment and made sure to say something when she excepted an award that night.

“Tiff, don’t be coming for Fifth Harmony because Normani is that b*tch,” she told the crowd.

Normani took to her twitter shortly after to thank Nicki for her love and support.

“@NICKIMINAJ I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you 🙈✨💖 You perfect queen you! Thank you for lifting me up. God is real. Now y’all know I love me some Nickiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Congratulations on tonight!!! Proud of you always.”

Fans on twitter have yet to fully catch wind of the sideways comments made against Nicki, but rest assured her barbs will be mobilized shortly.

One fan said, “All Ima say is Tiffany Haddish better get ready. They coming. #nickiminaj #tiffanyhaddish

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