Tiny Defends Zonnique Being Rapper Boyfriend’s 3rd Baby Mama, Reveals She Was T.I’s 3rd Baby Mama And Only Wife

Tiny’s still on the Internet clapping back at fans who have something to say about her oldest daughter’s pregnancy. Despite the fact that daughter Zonnique Pullins is 24 and an adult, people are trying to take Tiny to task for her daughter’s choices. Tiny’s not giving them the time or day and is firing on all cylinders over her own child.

Zonnique Pullins, or as T.I. refers to her, “Nique Nique,” is one of the hosts of the new Fox Soul show The Mix. She also used to be a performer, much like her mother, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, who is still part of the R&B hit group Xscape. Zonnique used to be a member of OMG, formerly known as the “OMG Girlz.”

It’ll be the 24-year old’s first child and her 23-year old partner’s third child overall and first with Pullins, and she decided to break the news to her stepfather T.I. on the premiere episode of her Fox Soul show.

Mama Tiny apparently had been in on the con for a while, hiding the news at the request of her daughter. She excitedly re-posted Zonnique’s pregnancy photo shoot, proclaiming her approval loud and clear via her own Instagram.

“I can finally say…My baby is having a baby!! I’m getting more excited by the day!!” the Xscape singer exclaimed. ” @zonniquejailee @bandhunta_izzy Congratulations to you both!! I love y’all 👑💙‼️ #Babygirlontheway #Zonnique #Izzy #TheMix #TuesdayNight.”

Though Tiny’s post was made in glee, some of the fans that follow her had additional thoughts and Tiny didn’t like that they were making jokes about Zonnique becoming a baby mother.

“Girl get tf off my page wit that s–t. She gone be good if she don’t have a husband! I didn’t have one when I had her & we did damn good & we great now,” Tiny clapped back at a fan who left a comment slandering the fact that Zonnique isn’t married to the father of her child.

“Finally? Why not teach ya “baby” not to be another BM but to be a WIFE,” the commenter said, setting her off. There were various back and forths in Tiny’s post among commenters, as they debated whether or not Zonnique is better off as a “baby momma” or “wife.”

It seems as if the debate is continuing, with Tiny still having to come to the aid of her pregnant daughter’s choices about even getting married in the first place.

Zonnique’s spoken up in the days since her announcement, sitting down with Hollywood Life and telling them she’s not ready for marriage. “I feel like at my age, I don’t really want to get married right now.”

“Like, I feel like that’s…an even bigger commitment–I don’t know, I hate to say like it’s an even bigger commitment than a baby to me,” she added. She also shared that her partner is more interested in getting married than she is, and her mom also supports the move if her man is into it.

Tiny was later interviewed and told the outlet that she ended up being a “3rd baby mother, too” and that in the end, she wouldn’t “change it for nothing in the world.” With regards to her own situation and her daughter Zonnique following “in her footsteps,” Tiny said that she doesn’t regret her decisions, and that she also became T.I.’s “first and only wife.” Tiny ended with she thinks Zonnique will turn out “well,” if she does the right thing.

See the clip below.

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