Tiny Harris Blast Husband T.I. For Posting Unflattering Picture Without Her Permission, Now Requires He Ask For Approval Before Posting Her

If “That’s my man… and Imma stick beside him” had a face, chances are it would be Tiny Harris, wife of T.I. Talk about a woman who stands by her man no matter what. At the same time, the Xscape singer has also called her husband out numerous times for various infractions he’s caused on her publicly. Tiny felt the need to do it once again after feeling that her husband did not represent her in the best light.

This year for the Harris couple has not been an easy one at all. Anyone who has been following the drama surrounding the pair knows that troubling times are truly afoot as they are facing some serious accusations all stemming from ex-friend of the family, Sabrina Peterson.

And while investigations on the latest allegations that continue to pile up against the couple are ongoing, no charges have been filed. T.I has been on a journey to defend both himself and his wife, even addressing the claims in his latest release called “This is What It’s Come To.”

“I got a heart made of gold, motives be the purest, And they say hell have no fury like a woman scorn, F**k that, I’m crankin’ up the jury, who you lyin’ on shawty,” he raps in the song. Seemingly addressing Peterson, he continues, “Extortion, is that what you got your mind on, shawty? Tell ’em, ‘Get it how you live, shawty, I ain’t goin’ for it. Imma take it all away, every day of the week. Bet you thought this s**t was sweet and I would pay in a week.”

Among the hearers and viewers of his latest offering was Peterson, who did not take kindly to the song. She took to Instagram with a rebuttal of her own posting “No matter how the public feels about [you] THEY CAN’T SAVE YOU. SINCE YOUR MILLION DOLLAR TEAM WON’T TELL YOU I WILL,” she writes. “YOU AREN’T TAUNTING ME YOU ARE TAUNTING YOUR INVESTIGATORS. YOU AREN’T TAUNTING ME YOU ARE IGNITING MORE WOMEN THAT HAVE STAYED QUIET THAT YOU VICTIMIZED.” Peterson concludes by calling the rapper a “dummy.”

Peterson didn’t stop there. She further captions the post addressing the couple: “Many of your fans have been victimized in their lifetime. Your tactics are not a good look,” wrote Sabrina. Further sharing how sad it is that he would shamelessly continue to taunt those who have been victimized she adds, “When it’s all said and done I took the high road & tried to give mercy but you repaid it with mockery. Get out the booth & behind cameras & SEE ME IN COURT!”

Nevertheless, the couple continue to live life despite the backlash which includes the shut down of production of their VH1 reality show, and T.I.’s removal from the next installment of Marvel’s Ant-Man franchise. The couple can be seen in one of T.I.’s latest posts on what looks like a vacation, with the pair horseback riding on an undisclosed location.

Fans can see the two living their best lives, seemingly unbothered and enjoying themselves. While T.I. may have been in a place of peace and solitude, captioning the photo dump “All I need in this life of sin…,” his wife was none too happy with the choices of pictures that he decided to place on his Instagram page for the whole world to see.

Clearly not pleased with her facial expressions, Tiny slides into her husband’s comment section to let him know that he’s going to have to seek her approval moving forward before sharing her images, as she feels some of her snaps show her in an unflattering light. “U gotta check with me on these pix u choose [from] now on sir,” she comments.

Her comment alone garnered thousands of reactions from fans, with some agreeing with her and others encouraging her to see that she was beautiful. “U still look cute boo,” commented a fan. Another wrote, “It’s a great pic!!! I love your hair and outfit too.”

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