Tiny Harris Reduces Former Friend Shekinah Jo To A ‘Dizzy B—’ and Worst Type Of Friend To Have

Tiny Harris fallout with Shekinah Jo was a big part of their 2021 narratives. The reality television stars were a beloved duo for years on our screens until drama drove them apart. While Shekinah Jo struggled to distance herself from the mess, Tiny made it very clear that she had no desire to rekindle their friendship after Jo accidentally spilled tea during the height of T.I. and Tiny’s scandal.

Last year T.I. and Tiny saw their empire take a hit following damning allegations about their private antics. Not only did this halt production on their various reality shows, but it also got T.I. axed from Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. The whole mess looked really bad for a while, and anyone close to the family was also impacted by it due to how attached they are to their friends.

The woman who exposed the couple was a family friend, so automatically, many assumed that T.I. and Tiny’s “preferences” were a community thing. Former bestie Shekinah Jo immediately took to social media to distance herself from these rumors and attempt to defend Tiny. Unfortunately, it seems she only made things worst. During an IG live, Shekinah made comments that appeared to confirm that T.I. and Tiny were indeed doing the things they were being blamed of. Fans quickly tore Shekinah down for “exposing” T.I. and Tiny.

Shekinah follow-up in another video, saying that Tiny was in the room during the last clip and was coaching her on what to say. A tearful Shekinah says that Tiny did not come to her defense and left her to fend for herself. “When all y’all in America go crazy on me, my own friend sit there and let ya’ll take me down. Knowing I don’t got s**t to do with what she had going on. She let the world tear me up.” Tiny fired back, saying that she never coached Shekinah on her responses and that Shekinah was “the worst kinda friend to have.”

Since then, the women have not been seen together. While T.I. and Tiny have yet to return to the small screen, Shekinah has been on several installments of Love & Hip-Hop.

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